Making a Music Video


We made a music video in our class of where is the love by the BLACK EYED PEAS! I had fun while doing because we did some cool scenes that are similar to the real music video like the police chase scene. I was with my best friend when we were filming. I was an actor, there were only 3 actors in my group. We also did some bloopers. We can’t publish it on the internet because it has our faces 🙁 It is so sad. But thats ok because we can show our parents.


Today we watched a movie by Rob Stewart. He was there!!!!!. It was really cool. If you want to see his website click this .

Does anyone know what all of the sharks in the world are? If you do then please tell me in a comment. I only know the Great White,Nurse Shark,Cookie cutter Shark,Tiger Shark,Black Tip Reef Shark and the whale shark. Another cool website is Save the Blue.

Challenge 10 part 2 – What my Mum said…

What were your first impressions of this blog?
I thought the design of the blog was very sleek, and I wondered what sort of creature had written the entries as the image on the right (your avatar) is such a funny combo of animals.  It is a very cool blog!
What captured your attention?
You have some amazing photos on your blog.  I loved seeing the bun tower on Cheung Chau Island.
What distracted you on the blog?
I am quite particular about spelling, grammar and capitals so when you have posted articles before editing them, and a few errors have slipped through, I became distracted by the mistakes.
What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
I know you had a great time on your grade 5 camp, but you didn’t write very much about your experiences there.  I would love you to write more involved and lengthy reflections.  I also thought your idea to write about ANZAC Day was great, but there is so much more you could add.

Challenge 10 part 1

In this challenge I have to tell some facts about my blog.

I did 22 posts since the first challenge.

I got 22 comments since the first challenge.

I have 36 posts.

33 of my posts are school related.

I have 40 comments.

I have the most comments on my photo of the day post because people like my picture of the ferret.

I like my challenge number 9 the most because it has interesting information about who uses the the internet the most.